Dance Session Älmhult

This is the first time since I joined the Dance Session team that I will be playing with them at a big event! I really look forward to meeting everyone in the team! It’s also in a town I have never been to before! Awesome!!

Lez Copenhagen

Denmark here I come again!

Klubb Maskin

I’ll be warming up for a DJ and then I’ll go over to bar tending since that is something I would like to learn! You can never get too much knowledge 😉

Tjejfesten Stockholm

Today I’m going to play in Stockholm at this girls only party! It’s going to be awesome! Long time since I was there… Look forward to it!

New mixtape – 2013-05-06

New mixtape out now!!! Free download available on my soundcloud! Leave a comment if you feel like it otherwise, hope you enjoy it 😉 //DJ

Stadt Mariestad

I will give you more information about this event very soon! But we do have an artist coming in 😉 Stay tuned for more!!

Campus 48H

Today it’s time to visit Örebro again after a few years of being out of that nightlife! This festival is MASSIVE and they have booked big artists like Loreen for example! It’ll be great!! For more information about it please visit

Cielo Bollnäs

Tonight we do it Bollnäs style again!!!!! I’m really excited to see what their nightlife has to offer 😉

Cielo Bollnäs

This is the first time EVER I visit Bollnäs and the nightclub Cielo which recently opened! It is going to be AWESOOOOOME!!!!

Robin Stjernberg – You

I got to give it to him! It’s an amazing song!! I’m kind of in love with it… haha!